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The End………………….(Or perhaps the start of a new chapter in my relationship with the web and its friends!)

Wow, I actually can’t believe I have created a website from scratch.  I have been tearing out my hair for a few weeks trying to get it to work and now it does!   I must say I am pretty proud of myself, considering  I have had no experience in web design ever!!!!

I can use Fireworks and have a complicated but amicable relationship with Dreamweaver.  (Ha, Ha)  In a way, I’m sad to see my trial relationship come to halt.  On the other hand I am looking forward to some space from Dreamweaver.

I actually really enjoyed playing around with Fireworks.   Although my graphics look fairly simple, there was a great deal of fiddling and googling that took place to create layers, rollover buttons and effects.

Perhaps the best thing for me, is that I understand codes ( although I can not remember them all) and I have acquired a behind the scenes knowledge of the million and one websites I have examined in my time.  I can embed sound and video and can cast a critical eye over those that I interact with. 

Fluid, informative websites are definitely the way to go and the use of a personas and storyboards is the way to achieve this.   That background information is essential.   Had I not been introduced to this excellent and essential prior planning, my website would probably been overly complicated and busy.   My graphics are deliberately simple and easy to navigate.  

So, what do I know and what have I learned?   Perhaps, the biggest revelation I have had, comes under the topic of web neutrality.   I had never realised that the freedom we are offered by the web, is not something we can take for granted.  I would hate to see stringent controls, dictated by financial profit take a grip.   I love the way the web allows me to get many versions of the same story.  I also love the fact that we can think about what we believe based on many versions.  Within society, this type of knowledge acquisition should be applauded and protected at all costs.   The reverse side is propaganda and if we cast our minds back seventy-odd years ago, we can see how truly destructive this can be.

Although I believe in the liberty of the net, I am not so ignorant to see some of the issues that such freedom brings with it.  Pirating, copyright breeches and plagiarism are relevent concerns in our modern world.   How can we truly protect ourselves from these issues?   Many legal battles have been won and many sites shut down, however, others always arise in their wake.  I am not sure what the answer is.   This debate has much life in it yet.

So here I am, the very last paragraph I am to write in this unit of study.   What a journey.   I have been well and truly taken out of my comfort zone.   Having said that, the challenge has brought with it new knowledge and a desire to continue to keep abreast of this rapidly changing technology.    Phew………………………………………

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