Intellectual Property and Copyright….. WK 10

15 May

This weeks readings were of particular interest to me.   Although I had some knowledge of the stringent issues surrounding copyright, I had not stopped to consider them in my every day interaction with the web.

My children are always going to the Web to copy photos and diagrams to assist them in various projects.   Of course these violations of the copyright laws seem small-scale and insignificant, however, they are in fact often breeches of the law. I have  made a mental note to discuss this issue with them.

The notion of intellectual property has become apparent to me over the last few weeks.  I have been constructing my website and spending hours creating content.  The ownership I feel in relation to this website, is enormous.   I would be very disappointed to see a copy of my site being used by another student for a similar project.   I fell that it is a little protected, due to my copyright notices pasted to each footer, however in reality, if it was an active site I do not have the means for recourse.

On the other hand, corporations and companies, have reserves for legal action and need to protect their intellectual property with the full force of the law.   Even the little fish need to be aware!

From now on, when i am in doubt of IP, I intend to check it out or leave it out.,2817,2368045,00.asp

The above link is an article that looks at net neutrality and copyright issues.  It outlines the concerns that the record companies have in relation to pirating of music and the implications of this on-line.   There is a huge conflict of interest involving the freedom of web surfers to download copyrighted music and the music corporations that lose money as a result of this.  

We certainly live in fast-moving, ever-changing, technical times.


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