Net Neutrality……..WK 9

05 May

If some of the major telephone companies got their way, we would not be able to scan the web to find out about net neutrality.  I have taken it for granted that the web is an open forum of free speech, expression and creativity.   I enjoy the fact that much of what is posted, is posted by people, not corporations.  The individuality of this, ensures that i can examine a range of issues, topics and media from several angles.  It allows me to use critical thinking skills to ascertain my own ideologies, thoughts and beliefs.

So……..what if this is restricted or in the worst case scenario, removed completely.   The idea of tele-communication companies having control of the content that I view is horrifying to me.   This is web dictatorship and means that such corporations will only release information that benefits them.   Freedom of speech and the web allows us to expose  injustices, rather than covering them up.

Where does Australia sit in all this.  Well at this point in time, if you pay for access to the web, regardless of your download restrictions, you have access to all of the web.  There are no restrictions.  Using the Optus plan guide as an example, no matter your plan, consumers can currently access all web content.

In 2009 the Internet Freedom Preservation act was introduced to congress.  It has been criticised on the basis of its many loopholes, however, I can’t help but think that it is a sign of hope that we are travelling in the right direction and our basic liberty of free speech, will be upheld.


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