Planning for my Website Project (Eeeek) WK 7

15 Apr

So, after considerable deliberation and scratching of the head, I have finalised my idea for my website.  The web page is primarily designed for pre service teachers, heading into schools.  It will provide them with resources to assist with lesson planning, classroom management strategies and information to help accommodate students with different learning intelligences and needs.

I thought that such a webpage would be extremely beneficial to PS teachers, as during this time in schools, they have little contact with university staff to help scaffold their learning/ teaching experiences..

Many of the resources would be acquired from university course work and adapted to become less theoretical and more user-friendly.  The website would also provide instant links to other beneficial sites, such as the Victorian Education Learning Standards and helpful teaching resources like, Free Stuff For Teachers.

It could also be used for ps teachers to leave helpful comments for each other, or to ask questions.

In planning for this project, I need to learn to use Fireworks, as I feel that it is important to make this site as visually appealing as possible. (If teachers are engaged and stimulated, this then will transcend into their lesson planning and execution.) I will need to transport images from Fireworks to Dreamweaver.  Such sites as Fireworks Guru Forum, will hopefully assist me in my endeavours.

I will also need to make sure that the information on the site is fairly streamlined and easy to use and understand.

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