I’ll tell you a story about storyboards….WK 6

10 Apr



Storyboards are an essential component of a well oiled and attention grabbing blog.  When the idea or need for a website is born, there is a

n immense amount of planning involved in bringing it to life.  The designer needs to examine the users, the objectives and gather relevant information to ascertain what is needed.

The planning is then used as the backdrop for the storyboard.  The storyboard enables the designer to examine the working mechanisms of the proposed site .  It is a quick, yet effective way of determining that the website will achieve its desired outcomes.

The designer can simply and quickly change necessary elements of the design.  It provides a visual overview and makes it possible to view in a non linear fashion.  It can also be used as a template for the end result.  It is possible to interact with the board and ascertain its effectiveness.  The designer is able to get a potential user to walk through the structure, testing for ease of use, conveyance of the desired information and achievable outcomes.  A website needs to attract potential clients quickly and the storyboard provides an ideal way of checking that this will occur.

It also enables the designer to make sure that common themes, such as contact details appear on parent and child pages.  The logo, images and text can be viewed with the end result in mind.  Again, these components can quickly be changed or altered for successful publication.

The storyboard can be constructed with paper and pens or organised in such programs as Microsoft word.  Either way, it is an essential component needed to produce the best possible outcome, reach target audiences and ultimately attract desired users to your site.

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