Week 4 The Good and the Bad!

30 Mar

Our task for this week was to find a good and bad example of a website.

I thought I’d start with the bad!!

This is an astrology website.   It also has an added capability that allows users to have readings.

The first issue that I have with this site, is its lack of ‘white pages’   The front page is very busy.  It has an enormous amount of text that is presented as a block and is confusing. There are paragraphs, rather than concise instructions.

My eyes were not focused in a clear direction.  It did not follow the F pattern.   A potential reader would quickly lose interest in such a labour intensive site.

There are too many question marks.  I did not know what to do, where to click.

The functions that are there, are displayed next to adds, which places many barriers in ones attempt to access information.  I had to carefully read the site, to understand what to do.

The audience is not catered for in a clear and concise manner.  The navigational functions are confusing and visually unappealing.  The colours chosen do not provide the reader with ease of reading, the contrasting colours are not visually appealing and the font is often too small and the lines are too close together.

The site also uses images that add to its confusion.   They are scattered around and provide a distraction to the text.

I found it easier to find bad examples of websites, than good.

I chose this Kmart page, primarily because of its layout and its easiness to navigate.

The logo is well recognised and placed strategically in the top left hand corner.

The navigation panel is on the left hand side of the page, where the eye is drawn to and contains  clear links to services, store hours and contact details.  The page is simply designed and not confusing.  A potential client could quickly locate their desired need and instantly have access to correct information.

The text size and contrasts were clear and the spacing made it easy to comprehend.

The text was kept simple and the images added to the telling of the story.  The company’s business was clearly defined.

The footer was used for copyright information and disclaimers, which covers them but is not obtrusive to the client and their day-to-day needs.

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