Week Three….. Characteristics of a cracking BLOG.

16 Mar

The mechanics of creating a blog, takes a great deal of memory power.  Once I have mastered the basics of these functions, I look forward to taking the advice of the authors highlighted above.

All agree that the key to a successful blog is to make yours stand out from the crowd!   In order to do this, I must try to choose colours that are easy to read and are sympathetic to all eyes.  The font is an important element to consider.  It is important that it is a reasonable size, (say 12 to 14) and is in a clear and legible style.  The contrasting colours of the background and text need to be easy on the eye.  For example, if using a dark back ground, do not go for a stark contrast.  Use pale versions of the same colour, it will make it easier to peruse.

The header is your introduction, so it is important to make it count.  It tells the reader what they may find in your Blog.   It can tell a story, using text and images.   For example, a florist may put an exotic species of flow in the header and write ‘Not your ordinary flowers.’  The reader is instantly aware that this Blog may contain information about flowers that are rare or unusual, without having read any posts.

Primary Navigators are, according to are an essential part of a successful blog.  These contain information that you want to put on each page.  Going back to the nursery example, the Primary navigators would include phone numbers and email addresses, that the reader can easily access if a purchase is required.

Your blog should also take advantage of the footers.   It could Include relevant links to other plant sites or botanical information (sticking with the nursery theme).  Comments should also be clear in their layout.  Readers should be able to distinguish the comments from the author of the Blog from those of its readers.  This could be done using colour or  written identification of the author.

The blog that I am creating is not for commercial use. discusses the importance of clear, maintained blogs, for those that are trying to generate business.  The inclusion of relevant details in terms of cost or directions are essential for keeping your reader engaged.  If the blog looks amateurish or has a host of spelling and grammar errors, readers may not trust the authenticity of your promises or products. also examines the concept of sharing your information.  If you want to get the word out there and attract many readers, then you need to examine social sharing options.  Perhaps a link to facebook or the inclusion of foreign languages may help increase your reader numbers.

As mentioned earlier, i need to walk before I can run.  I am looking forward to familiarising myself with Blog and its functions and from there applying the ideas of these Blog experts.

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