Week 2…… LMS

04 Mar


Week 2

Today we navigated our way through LMS………  Learning Management Systems.   These are a must in educational settings these days.   The remote access capabilities allows students 24 hour connection to their course or learning requirements.  How I wish this was available in my day!!!    Web CT is Victoria University’s offering and I have already utilised its capabilities.

The bulk of today’s tutorial centered around BLOGS.  I did not realise how many people view and create BLOGS.  I love the way they provide the opportunity for instant publishing and freedom of speech.   As an educator, I am also very keen to explore their possibility as a teaching resource.   They are a useful way of uniting specific tutorial groups.  They could generate discussion and clarification of the subject and empower students to use each other as a resource.

My own blog has started to take shape.  Today I learnt how to create a hyperlink and I also added an image to accompany my text.  I am looking forward to decorating it and learning more of its capabilities.


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